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Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids

Univ. of California, Davis. Comprehensive veterinary medicine text covering camelid biology, toxicology, diseases, congenital and hereditary conditions, neonatal development, and nutrition, care and handling. Includes more than 750 illustrations and 2300 references. This second edition has been substantially expanded and updated from the first c1989 edition.
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The Wonderful World of Alpacas

Beginning with the concept of children bonding with alpacas, adults sharing good times with an alpaca, and moving through all the many warm-fuzzy feelings one can get from just being around these small camelids. THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF ALPACAS also takes stops along the alpaca tour which describe and define their characteristics and their habits.
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The Alpaca Book

This book is a must-have for the serious breeder and includes chapters on management, medicine, biology and fiber. 120+ photographs and 80+ illustrations, 8 1/2 x 11...It may not be the last word, but for now, this is the current word and THE ALPACA BOOK receives a blue ribbon for its professionalism, its unique tone and its broad focus.

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Llamas and Alpacas as a Metaphor for Life

For anyone who is fascinated by llamas and alpacas, this is the coffee table book for you! Charming stories throughout, accompanied by beautiful, color photographs. Read this book and you'll be instantly hooked on llamas and alpacas! A great gift for the camelid enthusiast in your life. Photography by Sandy Flanagan.
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Caring for Llamas and Alpacas: A Health & Management Guide

We own 2 llamas and don't have any other experience with livestock. This book has helped us many times. One time one of our llamas was shivering and sure enough, I looked up "shivering" and found out that llamas can get hypothermia! So followed some of the suggestions and came through that little excitement just fine. This book has lots of suggestions and illustrations and helps me know what to do for just about anything that comes up for our llama "boys".
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Gold of the Andes (2 Vol. Set): The Llamas, Alpacas, Vicuñas and Guanacos of South America

These books, volume 1 and 2, relate the habitat of the South American Camelids. God created the llamas of these cold regions for the good of the inhabitants, who without this animal would have a very difficult life, since these are very arid lands where there is no cotton for clothes, like in warm climates, and to have to purchase it elsewhere for so many people would be impossible. For which reason, God compensated for the barrenness of the uninhabited punas and paramos of these sierras by putting there such a large number of these docile animals that they cannot be counted, for they have been all around there since anciest times, and were all the wealth of all the mountain Indians; for they clothed themselves in their wool and made shoes from their skins; and so wore nothing on their bodies other than what they obtained from the llamas, eating their meat, and using them as beasts of burden to carry loads back and forth.
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