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Gardening in Deer Country (Gardening Guides Series) love them or you hate them, but no matter what deer have an appetite for delicious plants we plant in our garden and around our home. You've seen the residue in the morning: spiked hostas, chomped impatiens, mangled hydrangea. How can an animal that cute be so hungry? Fences and sprays and dogs just don't go far enough and most people stop short of venison surprise for dinner. What's a serious gardener to do? Gardening in Deer Country answers this question by presenting descriptions of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, ground covers, herbs, bulbs, and vines that deer don't like to eat. Drzewucki presents over 130 detailed plant descriptions including size, texture, habit, culture, and hardiness for each plant with accompanying illustrations showing full size, flower, and stem. An additional 100 plants are included in a list, rated by their level of deer attractiveness from "best" to "forget it." The 23 page introduction discusses the problems, possible solutions, and planting techniques that every gardener who lives with deer should know.
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Deer-Proofing Your Yard & Garden

With this one-of-a-kind book, you can make your property as unappealing to deer as possible. Readers will learn how to identify damage, make deterrents, design a landscape that repels deer, and more.

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As deer populations increase, property owners are looking for ways to combat damage from them. Master gardener Hart (Dirt-Cheap Gardening, Storey, 1995) offers environmentally responsible methods for deterring deer from the yard and garden. Besides information on historical deer populations, the roots and extent of the current problem, deer species, subspecies in the United States, and the life cycle and behavior of deer, she provides extensive tips on "deer-o-scaping" (avoiding plants deer prefer, taking advantage of those they dislike, and incorporating designs and structures to discourage them). Hart includes plant lists and specifications for fences and offers an extensive discussion of the products and home remedies used for deterrence. Though other publications on the topic abound, Hart's compilation of research, product information, and source lists is sure to be valued by those dealing with this problem. Highly recommended for public libraries, particularly in suburban and rural locations.?Bonnie Poquette, Appleton P.L., Wis.
Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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The Complete Guide to Mule Deer Hunting : Tactics and Strategies for Success

Deer hunting has often been termed difficult, humbling, and ceremonial. This is because to do it correctly, a hunter has so much to learn-including learning about mule deer habitats, and how deer use those habitats at different times of the year, and under diverse conditions.
Found within the pages of The Complete Guide to Mule Deer Hunting is a wealth of solid, useful information on hunting tactics, as well as mule deer habits and habitats from which the reader will greatly benefit on his next trip to the West.
Like the soft-heeled step of a still-hunter Sam Curtis writes with a fine
balance between an instructional how-to voice and light-hearted humor. With detailed photography and step-by-step illustrations, as well as comprehensive practical advice and encouragement throughout, this book will remain a classic reference on the subject for years to come.
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Outwitting Deer: 101 Truly Ingenious Methods and Proven Techniques to Prevent Deer from Devouring Your Garden and Destroying Your Yard

"I once believed all those myths about Bambi. I saw the movie." Now a homeowner and a gardener, Adler has changed his tune. "Deer are a scourge. They invade our yards and eat our previous plants, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables." And the worst part is, they're nearly impossible to keep out of backyard gardens. As adaptable as squirrels, deer will jump fences, trample flowers, even enter your house--all in search of a good meal.
Adler offers over 100 truly ingenious methods for outwitting these voracious ungulates. With Outwitting Deer, you'll learn how to:

* Identify deer damage in your yard
* Make homeade repellents
* Buy commercial deterrents that really work
* Landscape your garden to repel deer by using plants they hate
* Protect yourself from Lyme disease and prevent deer/vehicle collissions
* Get involved with population management techniques such as birth control and authorized deer hunts
* Develop long-term, succcessful anti-deer stratagies and more!

Armed with Outwitting Deer, you will keep your gardens and shrubbery safe from these lovely by ravenous pests. A must for all vegetable and flower gardeners, suburban home owners, and anyone with a yard at stake.

Bill Adler Jr. is the author of Outwitting Critters and Outwitting Squirrels.

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301 Venison Recipes: The Ultimate Deer Hunter's Cookbook

Reviewer: A reader from Grand Rapids, MI
My wife bought this book after I ,finally, brought home my first deer. We had venison roast ("Bag-o-Buck") for Thanksgiving that year. My son, who doesn't like anything that isn't from McDonalds, decided after that meal that he actually likes venison (darn it, that's less for me!)

This is an excellent cookbook covering many popular cooking recipies regarding venison.

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Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails

Reviewer: meyerske (see more about me) from Washington, PA

I've read many bowhunting books over the years. I thought that I'd heard it all. This book proves that I didn't. I was very surprised by the great info this book provides.

Rest assured that this is not for the weekend bowhunter, this is hard-core bowhunting.

This book will hold a spot on my bookself reserved only for the "classics".

Very worthwhile. Right up there with Wensel's "Hunting Rutting Whitetails".

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Field Dressing and Butchering Deer: Step-by-Step Instructions, from Field to Table

From the Back Cover
To a deer hunter, nothing surpasses the savory taste of properly dressed, butchered, and prepared venison. With the help of step-by-step instructions and illustrations, Monte Burch passes down the wisdom of his practical experience and explains how to field dress and butcher deer in order to prepare and preserve it for cooking or storage.
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Benoit Bucks: The Second Generation

Big Bucks the Benoit Way exhilarated readers with numerous true-to-life accounts of legendary hunting expert Larry Benoit. This highly anticipated follow-up volume details the "second generation" of the Benoit family, brothers Shane, Lenny, and Lane, established trophy deer hunters who are every bit as capable as their legendary father.
Adventure stories recount the excitement of the chase, sharing the secret strategies that led to success (or sometimes failure)and most importantly, what was learned from those hunting experiences. Detailed accounts tie humor with solid teaching on the fundamentals of whitetail hunting. Readers will find a generous dose of humor and inside stories from the deer camps of New England's first family of hunting.

* Considered the next best thing to having an expert take you hunting * Humor ties together with solid teaching on the fundamentals of whitetail hunting * Learn the secrets of the Benoits' hunting success with narratives, techniques, and photographs.

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Hunting Open-Country Mule Deer

Reviewer: b shoop from arizona, united states
I have been hunting mule deer for the last fifteen years. I read this book after hunting these deer for about eight or so years. I have found it to be the most complete book available about finding and stalking mule deer. It also goes indepth in equipment, scouting, tactics that really work and hunting the different seasons. Schuh bowhunts but this book can be used by all hunters, rifle and bow. It also will help you narrow down areas in which to hunt if you are going to an area you've never been before. You will maximize hunting time by learning where to start looking. It will cut down wandering all over the mountains looking for deer that usually are in small pockets. If planning an out of state hunt or just starting out hunting, this book is worth its weight in gold. I can not say enough positive things about this book. Schuh also publishes other books that are extremely well written and easy to read as well as useful.
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White-Tailed Deer: Ecology and Management

Reviewer: A reader from Green Bay Wisconsin
I break my deer books into two categories: reference(the Hall text) and "how to"(Grow 'Em Right) by Dougherty and Dougherty. The Doughertys tell you how to create great deer hunting with habitat and food plots while Hall tells you why you should have good habitat. Both books belong on the serious deer enthusiast's book shelf.
Hall's book is a compilation of articles by some of the nation's leading deer experts. The chapters are both interesting and informative. They provide the necessary background you need to better understand the white-tailed deer,it's habitat and its behavior. It's a must own for professionals and serious lay persons alike.
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A to Z Guide to White-Tailed Deer and Deer Hunting

Written by Dr. Randall Gilbert, the A to Z Guide to White-tailed Deer and Deer Hunting is a comprehensive new reference of work that provides a unique source of information about the white-tailed deer. It is a compilation of years of hunting experience, in-field study, research, and countless hours of interviews by Dr. Randall. This book covers every facet of deer and deer hunting terminology. It is presented in an attractive and carefully cross-referenced style compendium that includes authoritative illustrations and diagrams. It also includes an abundant array of whitetail photographs by one of the foremost wildlife photographers Ted Rose.

Presented in a clear and easy-to-read and understand format, the A to Z Guide to White-tailed Deer and Deer Hunting helps readers unravel terminology and jargon about deer and deer hunting. It helps answer questions readers might have about whitetails. Dr. Gilbert covers a wide variety of phrases and topics (tips, tactics, behavior, biology, development, anatomy, deer management, the rut, antlers, deer movement, and much more). The A to Z Guide to White-tailed Deer and Deer Hunting provides readers all the information needed to not only hunt deer more successfully, but also to study, understand, discuss, and appreciate white-tailed deer more thoroughly. Whether you are a hunter, photographer, videographer, or just a nature lover of white-tailed deer, this book will provide you with a more in-depth knowledge of these fascinating animals.

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Quality Deer Management: The Basics and Beyond

Participation in Quality Deer Management (QDM) is quickly spreading across the United States. This full-color book thoroughly explores the tenets of QDM, including land development, proper animal harvest, obtaining good doe-to-buck ratios, developing nutritious food sources, and many more principles that lead to healthier deer herds and bigger bucks with larger antlers.
The history and benefits of QDM are thoroughly explained, so landowners can determine if QDM is a feasible option. Landowners will learn how to test soil acidity, manage woodlands, create food plots, and estimate deer populations. Forestry management is reviewed, as well as proper QDM hunting strategies, and how to promote QDM to neighboring landowners.

Charles Alsheimer is an outdoor writer, lecturer, whitetail consultant, and award-winning nature photographer specializing in white-tailed deer.

• Describes quality deer management (QDM) as a tool for building quality deer herds

• Provides land and forestry management tips

• Discusses proper QDM hunting strategies for controlling antlerless herds

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Legendary Deer Camps

This second book in the Deer and Deer Hunting Classics series rekindles the deer hunting history and the role of deer camps in hunting’s culture. Relive the hunts, joy, and trepidation of famous American deer hunters such as William Faulkner, Aldo Leopold, and Oliver Hazard Perry.
Rare historical paintings and photographs capture the spirit of long-past deer camps. This collective biography represents the best of a great American tradition through deer camp experiences, such as freedom, solitude, camaraderie, rites of initiation, story-telling and venison cuisine. More than 12 million American deer hunters celebrate this annual tradition.

-Collective historical biography of a select group of famous American deer camps
-Rare, colorful, historical painting and photograph section with bibliography
-Stories of famous American deer hunters, including William Faulkner, Aldo Leopold, and Oliver Hazard Perry

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Records of North American Whitetail Deer, 4th

As the definitive history book of trophy whitetail deer in North America, the much anticipated fourth edition of the Boone and Crockett Club publication, Records of North American Whitetail Deer is now available. This greatly-expanded edition includes over 7,500 listings of whitetail deer from the Boone and Crockett Club's Records Program, which was started in 1932. In addition to these state-by-state listings of the top scoring whitetail deer from the late 1800s to 2002, the book also includes editorial features covering a range of topics of interest to deer managers, biologists, and hunters.

Along with each state and provincial listing is a map showing record book deer distribution, photographs of each state typical and non-typical record, and numerous field photos of other top scoring deer from across North America. Also, of specific interest to whitetail deer aficionados, each listing includes key measurements such as main beam length, spread measurements, and number of points, plus final score, location and year taken, and the names of the hunter and owner. Every listing is ranked within each state or province, plus each deer's state and all-time rankings are included so a reference can be made to how each state compares in terms of producing trophy-class bucks. Copies of the score charts for typical and non-typical whitetail deer are included with basic scoring instructions so that hunters can score their own trophies.

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Hunting Superbucks: How to Find and Hunt Today's Trophy Mule and Whitetail Deer

Have you always dreamed of taking a monster buck? Well, before you pull the trigger on that eight-pointer, here's a chance to get some really big antlers. In Hunting Superbucks, Kathy Etling - with help from dozens of Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young club record holders - provides advice that is better than you'll get anywhere else.
Yet Hunting Superbucks is not just about hunting advice. It also includes observations from many of the most respected authorities working in deer research today. Listen as wildlife biologists discuss how dominant bucks learn to survive, and how superbuck hunters can use this knowledge in the field. Lifestyles, habits, foods, genetics, and other secrets of the big bucks are here, as well as practical field information. Learn how to read superbuck signs such as rubs and scrapes; where and when to hunt for the bucks that made them; and how to rattle and call effectively. Etling also shows why a superbuck behaves differently from a six-pointer, and includes the special techniques that today's hunter needs to know in order to pursue such a deer.

So follow the best trophy hunters in the United States and Canada as they outwit the smarter, older, harder-hunted, and - above all - bigger trophy deer.

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Solving Deer Problems: How to Keep Them Out of your Garden, Guaranteed

Fear the deer! Never has nature invented a more efficient killing machine, at least from the point of view of most garden plants. Able to leap fences as tall as a human, sneak silently through the suburbs at night, and outrun a greyhound (not to mention a beagle or Labrador retriever), the deer is the number one enemy not only of the gardener but of anyone who wants to relax in the backyard without contracting Lyme disease, a deer-tick-borne, brain-damaging infection with devastating long-term effects.
In this all-encompassing manual, Peter Loewer covers: How to build a fence that will deter and withstand a deer onslaught; the use of chemical weapons such as bottled deer repellent; three hundred plants that repel deer; plants that deer just love.

He also talks about why deer seem to be threatening to overrun suburban communities, and what can be done on the local level.

Loewer concentrates on all conceivable answers to the deer problem-as well as on problems caused by other garden pests, including rabbits and woodchucks. (6 x 9, 224 pages, illustrations)

Peter Loewer has written for all the national gardening magazines, and is the author and illustrator of several gardening books, including The Wild Gardener, which was named one of the 75 Great Gardening Books by the American Horticultural Society. His radio show, The Wild Gardener, can be heard on National Public Radio in North Carolina. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

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A Look at Life from a Deer Stand

Reviewer: Jason Hnakins from Martinsville,Indiana
This book is a must read for all deer hunters. It is not only a reflection of times afield but also a reflection of how these times apply to modern life. THIS IS NOT AN EDUCATIONAL BOOK ON DEER HUNTING, AS MUCH AS IT IS A REFLECTION ON WHERE WE HAVE BEEN AND WHERE WE CAN GO IN LIFE. The author shares his experiences in the field with you the reader. Most of them we can relate to. While in Illinois this year I found myself reading this book while on stand passing the dull times. This book captivated my attention with the remarkable similarities between life, hunting, and our every day life. While reading this book I was able to harvest a fine eleven pointer that came in while I was on page 50. After returning home from the hunt I could not wait to resume my reading. This is an enjoyable book for all hunters because we have all been there. In our pursuit of big bucks, we get out of the hunt what we put into the hunt. With this book, you will get out of it what your heart and soul put into it. Read this book and take what you can get.
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Way of the Whitetail: Magic and Mystery

Reviewer: An Customer
This book contains excellent photography! Denny does an excellent job of bringing the reader into the life of the deer. I also enjoyed his style of writing. It was very informative and easy to understand at the same time.
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