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A Year at the Races : Reflections on Horses, Humans, Love, Money, and Luck

From Publishers Weekly
In a wide-ranging and detailed, yet somewhat flat memoir, Smiley (A Thousand Acres; Moo; etc.) examines the nuances of horses' lives and of the people who build their lives around them. She does not aim "to evoke horseness, but to evoke horse individuality; to do what a novelist naturally does, which is to limn idiosyncrasy and character, and thereby to shade in some things about identity." This she accomplishes through illustrative episodes with some of the horses she has owned, focusing on two and their fortunes at the track. While the book offers anecdotes and an array of Smiley's theories about horse personality and cognizance, it lacks the narrative or dramatic flair that one expects would come naturally from such an accomplished novelist. The writing can often be formulaic: "In June, Eddie died, and Alexis became my trainer. Hornblower was two. I was fifty. Alexis was forty-eight. Mr. T. had died the year before, at twenty. Jackie was three. Persey was four. Alexis and I began to become friends." Smiley talks of moving her horse from one track to another as "being asked to leave Harvard and take a course at Boston University," and she delights in cutting a grand figure when arriving at the more posh tracks in a publisher-provided Mercedes limousine. In the end, the book provides a meticulous look at the world of thoroughbred horses, but it has too many flaws to be a perfectly enjoyable read.
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Seabiscuit: An American Legend

Seabiscuit was one of the most electrifying and popular attractions in sports history and the single biggest newsmaker in the world in 1938, receiving more coverage than FDR, Hitler, or Mussolini. But his success was a surprise to the racing establishment, which had written off the crooked-legged racehorse with the sad tail. Three men changed Seabiscuit’s fortunes:

Charles Howard was a onetime bicycle repairman who introduced the automobile to the western United States and became an overnight millionaire. When he needed a trainer for his new racehorses, he hired Tom Smith, a mysterious mustang breaker from the Colorado plains. Smith urged Howard to buy Seabiscuit for a bargain-basement price, then hired as his jockey Red Pollard, a failed boxer who was blind in one eye, half-crippled, and prone to quoting passages from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Over four years, these unlikely partners survived a phenomenal run of bad fortune, conspiracy, and severe injury to transform Seabiscuit from a neurotic, pathologically indolent also-ran into an American sports icon.

Author Laura Hillenbrand brilliantly re-creates a universal underdog story, one that proves life is a horse race.

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John Lyons' Bringing Up Baby: 20 Progressive Ground-Work Lessons to Develop Your Young Horse into a Reliable, Accepting Partner

An outstanding manual for training young horses by America’s most trusted horseman, featuring 178 step–by–step color photos...

From Library Journal
In Bringing Up Baby, Lyons, known for his conditioned-response training methods, offers advice for gently teaching the young horse to respect humans and accept haltering, leading, bathing, trailer loading, and other equine basics. Lyons divides the book into 20 lessons, each building on the animal's previous experience. The outlined steps are clear, descriptive, and well illustrated with outstanding color photos. Fine safety guidelines for preventing injury to both humans and horses are included. An excellent guide for neophytes as well as experienced horsepeople, this work can easily be used to retrain older animals with less than perfect manners as well. Welcome addition to collections serving horse lovers. Janet M. Schneider, James A. Haley Veterans' Hosp., Tampa, FL
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Chicken Soup For The Horse Lover's Soul : Inspirational Stories About Horses and the People Who Love Them

Our connection to the horse is ancient and visceral. These humble creatures are mentioned in the earliest samplings of the written word, which illustrates how the human/equine bond transcends cultural and economic barriers. The horse's integral role in man's evolution, society's development and the growth of civilizations is unquestioned; they have been immortalized by Hollywood, cherished by little girls and mourned by warriors.

Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul is filled with inspiring stories of rescue and rehabilitation, heartbreaking losses, dedication and commitment, and positive messages of responsibility and unconditional love. Readers will enjoy uplifting and humorous stories that depict the horse's intelligence, versatility and intuitiveness; they will discover the horse's healing powers, marvel at the graceful performance of a Grand Prix Dressage winner, be awed by the stamina and strength of a working horse and the athletic prowess of a champion racer.

In exchange for our love and companionship, horses teach us, heal us, protect us and guide us. Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul is a worthy celebration of a very noble creature.

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Horses for Dummies

Horses are amazing, incredible creatures. They’re as breathtakingly beautiful as they are powerful and fast. They’re wild in their souls, yet they gladly give us their hearts. Horses offer people beauty, a connection to nature, and a quiet and dignified companionship that no other animal can provide in the same way.
Whether you’re contemplating riding a horse for the first time in your life or wondering how to care for your first horse, this book will be a great help to you. Even experienced riders benefit from the in-depth coverage on riding styles and the wide variety of competitive disciplines.

Horses For Dummies can help you understand the horse and how it functions, both physically and mentally. When you know how to communicate what you want to a horse, he’ll do your bidding. You also find out how to care for this amazing creature and to ride with ease.

To fit in with the horsey crowd, you find out all about the following and more:

The parts of a horse and distinctive markings, such as a star and blaze
How the horse sees the world – and humankind
Whether horse ownership is really for you at this time in your life, or whether leasing or taking lessons are better options
Choosing a horse based on breed, age, or gender
Types of horse equipment: Tack, grooming supplies, and riding apparel
Recognizing common health problems
Brushing up on grooming skills
Handling your horse while you are on the ground or in the saddle
The best ways to mount and dismount, and how to hold the reins
The basics of the different riding disciplines
Safety issues
If you want to achieve a profound bond with your horse, always put yourself in your horse’s place and try to comprehend the equine experience. Not only will you come to understand and appreciate your horse, but your horse will come to view you as a protector – and will ultimately grow to trust you with his very life.

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Horses : Photographs

More than a hundred extraordinary portraits—lush, rich, textured, sculptural—that reveal the spirit and nobility of the horse. Portraits of horses gazing at the camera, standing in the golden light, stamping away flies, galloping, bucking, rolling in the dust.

They are the work of Michael Eastman, a self-taught photographer influenced by Edward Weston, Walker Evans, and Henry Moore, who spent thirty years capturing the essential nature of subjects that range from Cuban life to landscapes to architecture in many places. Now he turns his refined eye to the magnificent horse.
Eastman has caught the animal’s complexity and power, fear and courage, goodness, masculinity, femininity, uniqueness.

“All animals are wonderful,” says Eastman, “but horses are truly mythic.”

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Centered Riding

Widely known for her innovative teaching philosophy stressing body awareness, the value of "soft eyes," proper breathing, centering, and balance, Sally Swift has been a pioneering riding instructor for half a century. In book form for the first time, her methods enable horse and rider to achieve harmony, working together naturally, without pain.

Unlike traditional teachers, Sally Swift does not believe in forced training techniques that cause stiff bodies and tense riding. Instead, through the use of vivid, unusual, and highly creative images that transcend mechanics ("Pretend you're a spruce tree; the roots grow down from your center as the trunk grows up"), plus a thorough knowledge of human and equine anatomy, this wise and inspiring teacher enables the conscientious equestrian to reassess habitual responses, in order to ride in natural positions, break through frustrating plateaus, and achieve ever-rising goals with comfort, vitality, and precision.

Precise illustrations and photographs never before used in riding books explain anatomy and image work to give mind and body new and relaxed approaches to the inner process of riding.

Centered Riding is for those with little experience all the way up to world class.

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The Whole Horse Catalog : The Complete Guide to Buying, Stabling and Stable Management, Equine Health, Tack, Rider Apparel, Equestrian Activities and Organizations...and Everything Else a Horse Owner and Rider Will Ever Need


The Whole Horse Catalog, the definitive horse guide, is now completely revised and updated to include everything from advances in nutritional thinking to sources on the World Wide Web. With hundreds of illustrations and a detailed, easy-to-understand text, this new edition of The Whole Horse Catalog is the one-stop book for all your equestrian needs.

Where to look for a horse
How to select a horse
How to choose stable construction and furnishings
Horse health care, feeding, and grooming
Tack: from bits, bridles, and saddles to halters and harnesses
Apparel and new equipment advances for riders
Equestrian sports for participants and spectators alike, including ideas for "holidays on horseback"
Equestrian magazines, organizations, and Web locations
Filled with advice and contacts, The Whole Horse Catalog is a complete resource guide for the novice and experienced equestrian alike.

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Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook

This best-selling reference has been completely revised and updated by two outstanding professionals who know how to communicate the veterinary information nonprofessionals need to maintain their horse's health. Doctors James Giffin and Tom Gore address such basic health-care and management issues as the latest medicines and immunizations, wounds, illnesses, parasites, nutrition and supplements, and reproduction. Just inside the covers, the horse owner can easily access the index of Signs and Symptoms, since responding quickly to an emergency can literally mean the life or death of a horse. Anyone who looks after a horse—whether owner, trainer or groom—can rely on this authoritative book to get them through emergencies and well as routine events.
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Betting Thoroughbreds: A Professional's Guide for the Horseplayer

Totally revised and expanded to cover the newest forms of wagering and the latest handicapping theories, with examples of how to apply them, this book proves that the key to winning at the track is not in one all-powerful secret, but involves using the right tools at the right time.

Reviewer: Kristin Slape (see more about me) from Hammond, in United States
This is one of the best handicapping books I have ever read and I have read just about every's not full of get rich quick strategies...just solid handicapping education by someone who has the experience and it shows in the book. I'd recommend this one coupled with Tom Ainslie's book.

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Picking Winners : A Horseplayer's Guide

Just as football evolved with the introduction of the forward pass and basketball with the development of the jump shot, so too was handicapping forever changed by the use of speed figures--and it all started with Andrew Beyer's Picking Winners. This edition features a new foreword in which the author discusses the changes that have swept the sport since the book's original publication. Picking Winners remains a classic in the field of thoroughbred racing.
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Reviewer: Daniel Hancock (see more about me) from Dallas, TX United States
I checked out the 1967 version of this book in the library when I first became interested in horse race handicapping. It was so full of information that I ended up buying it. A few years back, I loaned it to my brother and later asked for it back so I could review some stuff. But, his dominating wife had thrown it away. Well, enough of this boring stuff. This book does a good job of introducing a new, novice, or disorganized horseplayer to the fundamentals of handicapping--a fancy way to say picking winners at the track. Ainslie covers distance, speed, class, form, track conditions, breeding, and jockeys and trainers very thoroughly. The reader should avoid the laundry lists of specific qualifications for horses that appear periodically in the book. This book was published before the advent of Beyer speed figures and other new concepts in handicapping. Also, as in most how to pick winners books, Ainslie has sections of the Daily Racing Form from races where he made a big score. Racing authors seem to never have DRF examples of races where they lost their shirts. But, it is a useful treatise to learn the fundamentals of handicapping though even the lastest edition (1988) is a bit dated. I would advise the reader to learn the general concepts in the book and to avoid the specific criteria for picking horses. It is an excellent place for a new horseplayer to start. Now, if someone could write a book for my brother telling him how to stand up to his wife.

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Complete Horse Care Manual

Covering every aspect of horse ownership, from choosing and looking after your horse, to diagnosing illnesses and being alerted to those serious enough to need professional attention, the Complete Horse Care Manual is packed with fully up-to-date medical and dietary information, insights on horse behavior, and the latest developments in equine passports and micro-chipping. Attractive full-color photographs throughout the book illustrate every facet of horse care.
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Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business

Seasoned professionals and new entrepreneurs alike will find profitable ideas and techniques in veteran ranch manger Mary Ashby McDonald's money-making, money-saving tips for running a successful horse business. With an infectiously positive style, McDonald reveals the details of managing a lucrative business. Includes dozens of essential forms and contracts...

This guide shows readers how to run a successful business and make the most of their investments in horses, facilities, and equipment.

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101 Jumping Exercises for Horse & Rider

Linda Allen has spent more than 35 years in the equestrian industry, training, riding, jumping, competing, and designing courses. In 101 JUMPING EXERCISES FOR HORSE & RIDER, she provides a logical and consistent series of exercises presented in a fun and appealing way, with clear arena maps and straightforward instructions. For each exercise, Linda covers set-up; how to ride the exercise; steps to make the exercise more difficult; what every successful rider should keep in mind while working; when to move on to the next step; and the benefits of the exercise.

This must-have workbook, a sequel to the successful "read-and-ride" 101 Arena Exercises and 101 Horsemanship & Equitation Patterns, stresses safety, skill building, and success for riders of all ages and levels of experience, whether their interest is in show jumping, eventing, hunters, equitation, or just plain having fun with their horses. Designed in the same user-friendly format as the previous books, with a lay-flat comb binding, the book can be hung on the barn wall or draped over a jump standard in the training area so the reader/rider can refer to it from the saddle.

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Horse Handling & Grooming: A Step-By-Step Photographic Guide to Mastering over 100 Horsekeeping Skills

This user-friendly guide to essential skills includes feeding, haltering, tying, grooming, clipping, bathing, braiding, and blanketing. The wealth of practical advice offered is thorough enough for beginners, yet useful for experienced riders improving their skills.
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Taking Up Riding As an Adult

Don't wait another minute -- learn to ride now with this beginner's guide written just for adults.
Make smart choices, save time and money, and fulfill your dream of learning to ride with this practical guide for the beginning adult rider. You'll find everything you need to know to fully enjoy the riding experience including how to:

* Locate a high-quality lesson barn and instructor
* Ride safely and prevent injury
* Make informed decisions about purchasing tack and equipment
* Understand proper horse handling and health care
* Organize events and build a riding community

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Horse Anatomy, A Coloring Atlas

This unique anatomy text contains 81 detailed drawings of parts of the horse, with accompanying descriptions. It invites the reader to color in the parts being described to provide a reinforced learning experience...

"This text effectively serves groups ranging from 4-H club members to veterinary medical students."

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In Service to the Horse : Chronicles of a Labor of Love

A groom to a horse is "what the combined services of physical therapist, manager, counselor, assistant, and chaperone would be to an NBA star," says Nusser, formerly a groom, who follows three grooms in the rarefied, high-stakes world of horse breeding and competition. Kenneth Burns has for years been handling Belmont Stakes winner A.P. Indy, one of the highest paid stud stallions at the exclusive Lane's End farm in Kentucky. Nusser explores the realities of the profession, at times in too much detail: e.g., A.P. Indy's fee is $300,000, and he is "booked to almost a hundred mares for a breeding season that starts in February and ends in July." In 1996, one study valued the horse industry at $25.3 billion, close to the film industry. Grooms, however, don't often make much money and work six- or even seven-day weeks. While Kenneth Burns views his work as a job, Samantha Burton, the center of the book and groom for an Olympic gold medalist in a competition called Three-Day Eventing, understands the gestalt of horses: "Sam is no more able to articulate why she loves her horses than most people are able to articulate why they love their children." Brooke Lowe is a groom who burns out, realizing that she'd rather teach and ride. Nusser interweaves the history of horse domestication, sspeculating on the myth of centaurs and the horse's prey-driven sensitivities. For those in the horse world, this book will add to the lore and knowledge; for the general reader, however, the book only briefly raises disturbing questions about privilege and the human-horse relationship without answering them.
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