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Am I Pig Enough for You Yet? : Voices of the Barnyard

Am I pig
Enough for you yet?
The more I gorge,
The more gorgeous I'll get.

We have all gazed at sheep and cows in fields by the side of the road. And we have seen them gazing back. What are they thinking? And what about those funny looks we get from horses, pigs, geese, ducks, llamas, and, yes, chickens? This book opens up the inner lives of livestock, revealing their concerns about relationships, food-chain issues, and why people see cows and want to go "Mooo."

Valerie Shaff and Roy Blount Jr. have created another classic -- combining incomparable photographs with Blount's brilliant verse to give readers rare insight into the weird world of the denizens of the barnyard.

In Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts,
Here's what is for certain.
If you cross paths with an angry goose, it's
Your butt will be hurtin'.

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Animal Genetic Engineering: Of Pigs, Oncomice and Men

This book does a good job of raising and discussing the many issues related to the genetic engineering of animals. Some of the issues discussed are the impacts of genetic engineering on animal welfare as well as the impact on consumers of the products of genetic engineering. The book includes a bibliography as well as a glossary and list of abbreviations.
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The Complete Guide for the Care and Training of Pet Potbellied Pigs

The Second Edition - 2002 is now available! This comprehensive resource book of over 165 illustrated pages was written by Kathleen Myers, a nationally known potbellied pig breeder and consultant. For over ten years Kathleen has cared for her own pigs and has spent thousands of hours sharing her vast experience as she counseled pig owners around the world. She now offers her knowledge in this book as a complete, up-to-date guide for the care and training of the pet pig. The Complete Guide for the Care and Training of Pet Potbellied Pigs is filled with wonderful pictures of potbellied pigs as illustration to the text.
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PreSchool-Grade 3-Basic information about hogs is presented in a simple, straightforward style. Although the author notes that "Most pigs are raised to go to market..." the text emphasizes the other more cheerful possibilities for swine-as a loved pet or country-fair show animal. A final page offers facts and trivia about these creatures. The book offers sufficient background for browsers and young pig lovers but not enough for report writers. Paneled, full-color, cartoon watercolors illustrate the text. The popularity of Charlotte's Web and the movie Babe have made pigs a topic of interest for more than just the homework crowd. This title should be purchased wherever Gibbons's other books or easy animal titles are in demand.
Heide Piehler, Shorewood Public Library, WI
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to the School & Library Binding edition

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Pot-Bellied Pet Pigs: Mini-Pig Care and Training

Wow! This book helped me so much with the care of my guinea pig! I would recommend it to anyone with a guinea pig or to anyone who is thinking of buying a guinea pig. It's a great book with tons of information!
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Harris on the Pig: Practical Hints for the Pig Farmer

In this delightful, turn-of-the-century guide, farmer Joseph Harris dispenses practical, time-honored teachings on the hows and wherefores of pig rearing. Included here is a comprehensive introduction to various breeds of pigs such as the Lord Western Essex and the Chester County White, a common-sense approach to feeding, step-by-step instruction on building piggeries and pens, plus dozens of other useful lessons - all leavened with a healthy dose of humor. Gems of knowledge abound: A well-bred pig won't waste energy wandering around the pen, insists Harris. Such a pig will instead sleep three-fourths of the day, especially in winter. Also, pigpens should be cleaned daily. This few minutes' work will lead pigs to form their own cleanly habits, which will in turn save on bedding.
Illustrated throughout, Harris on the Pig is a veritable swine bible offering the serious breeder and casual reader alike a fine education in the practices of pig management.
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Raising Pigs Successfully

Reviewer: Joey
I purchased this book and love it. I go back to read it when I have forgot something. I love the story about the boar that ran away from home to come back to Ms. Piggy. I enjoyed every moment of the book. I would love to see more pictures in it of different pig breeds, but other then that, it was very informational.

Kathy and Bob make it easy for anyone to understand the fine art of raising your own pigs for the dining pleasure of your family. An especially good book for those that plan on having a sustainable food source in times of disruption, such as Year 2000 grocery disruptions, an extended illness, layoffs, recession, depression, etc. This book will help you understand that you too can raise your own oinker for hard times. It's a CAN DO kind of book.

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Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs

Reviewer: Jeanie (see more about me) from Tonasket, WA United States
This is a must for pig raisers! I should know, I raise 5 breeding sows and write my own farm books, and I even mention this book in my resources section! It's that much of a needed book for pig farmers. Every subject you want to know about pigs is found in this book, from showing at the fair, breeding the pigs, to the business aspect of running a farm...

Reviewer: [email protected] (see more about me) from Sanbornton, NH USA
My husband and I were thinking about raising pigs and bought this book. We read it cover to cover and found a lot of valuable information. We raised two pigs last summer and referenced this book constantly; it is always close at hand. If you are considering raising 1 pig or 50 this book will come in handy.

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Pot Bellies and Other Miniature Pigs: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, Behavior, and Training

Animal fanciers' rapidly growing interest in breeding and raising these interesting animals has created the need for this all-new manual. The book retains the traditional format for Barron's pet manuals, and is filled with color photographs and drawings...

Reviewer: Becky R. Myatt from Franklin, NC United States
I have been looking for a good book about Pot Bellied Pigs for a long time, and I belive this book to be excellent. It is packed full of useful information and has the cutest pictures you will ever see. I recommend this book to any PBP owner if they are new to this wonderful pet or if they have had one for years. I don't believe that you will be disappointed.

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Veterinary Care of Pot Bellied Pet Pigs

Reviewer: A reader from Northfield,, MN USA
This book is PERFECT for the reader craving knowledge, or theirvet. It has all the information you should ever need (142 pgs) with photograghs and drawings, and is pleasingly readable but scientifically correct also. Especially when used in conjunction with Veterinary Management of Miniature Pigs by Lisle George, DVM ... you will feel like a confident and informed pig owner, although either could stand alone. It is especially good with helping the reader decide what is and isn't necessary, and good prophilactic tactics to avoid trouble.
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Small Scale Pig Raising

Author Dirk van Loon explains why raising a feeder pig is the best bet for someone with little land who wants to produce the most meat for the smallest investment of time and money. Besides caring for the animal, van Loon offers extensive tips on home butchering, with step-by-step instructions and many photos covering the process--from slaughtering to portioning meat for the freezer.
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A Field Guide to Pigs

John Pukite went back to the barnyard after the success of A Field Guide to Cows and the result is a one-of-a-kind field guide to the true star of any farmyard-the pig. Although swine have roamed fields and forests for centuries, this guide is the first to offer easy-to-understand descriptions and illustrations of the world's most popular breeds. Whether it is the massive Poland China or the roly-poly Vietnamese Potbelly, A Field Guide to Pigs is the one-stop reference for endless little-known facts, fascinating tidbits about pig behavior, and even etiquette for when you visit the farm. Casual pig watchers and porcinologists alike are sure to learn something new on every page. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.
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The Complete Pig: An Entertaining History of Pigs

Sara Rath provides you with an overview of popular breeds, the history of wild boars and domesticated pigs, and tales of pigs in pop culture and folklore. With additional information on flying pigs, hog calling, greased pigs, pigs as pets, collecting pig memorabilia, and pig phrases, "The Complete Pig" has something for every piggy lover!
The light-hearted, entertaining text is complemented by delightful illustrations, including paintings and photographs of both domestic and wild pigs. Also depicted are images of pigs in pop culture, including collectibles, ads, and popular porkers such as Porky Pig and Piglet.
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Pot-Bellied Pigs: A Complete and Up-To-Date Guide

Reviewer: A reader from Northfield,, MN USA
Kelsey-Wood has a concise, attractively formatted book perfect for the beginner, but also intriguing for others. It has an appealing mix of photos (each with an extra glossy finish) about one per page (64 pages).

The information includes all the usual basic, helpful comments and suggestions, and is easy to read with many dark titles. Best of all is the behavior/training section with imperatives for trainer and pig, and lots of discipline tips.

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Pot Bellied Pigs and Other Miniature Pet Pigs

Reviewer: Kathy Chaddick from Camarillo, ca United States
I received a phone call letting me know of my new arrival.....a Mini Pot-Bellied Pig! I knew NOTHING about the care and keeping of my newfound pet and ordered this book for starters. I received this book from one of Amazon's great used book sellers and immediately began to read. This book is of quality binding with great pictures to illustrate the unique colors and sizes (as well as the different environments in which they can be kept). The pages are thick and high-gloss as well. The cover is sturdy, high-gloss and compact (great to throw in a purse for sharing). The typeface is large and bold for ease of reading. The content is perfect for an overview of EXACTLY what I needed - brief, thorough and to the point. I was able to sit down and absorb the information given in about an hour and a half. I am sure there are many other books which give are more indepth, but this one served it's function - a fast course in the keeping, care, history, Laws, Resources, Products and the choosing of a quality pet pig! For the price, it is a MUST for the beginner!
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Pot-Bellied Pigs As a Family Pet

Reviewer: A reader from Northfield,, MN USA
Michael Taylor has all the basics in this 192 page book, including health, selection, and training. What I found disappointing was his repeated use of the same pigs in different photos (photos about 1 in 3 pages), and to some extent full pages of pig cartoons, and also wide strips of color on the sides of the pages. It has a good index, although the titles in the sections are not as easy to spot, due to a two column lay out. Still, for those seeking pig knowledge, the information is there, and it is a good starter book.
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Potbellied Pig Behavior And Training

Finally, the first and only book on training pot bellied pigs. This is a practical guide to behavioral problem modification in miniature pet pigs. Solutions to aggression, nipping, over rooting, litter box woes, and destructiveness in the house are included in a handy A to Z problem solving section. "Pig Programing', a simple method to teach your pig tricks and obedient behavior, is described in detail, as well as methods of socializing piglets. The book includes adorable color photos of potbellied pigs and animation.
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Controlled Reproduction in Pigs

An excellent book for any pig owner who wants to breed their pigs. This book provides all the information you could ever need regarding pigs and breeding. This is a must have for the pig owner who wants to take it to the next level.
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Swine Science (6th Edition)

Covers all aspects of the industry, with chapters on breeds of swine, establishing the herd, showing swine, swine genetics, reproduction, feeding standards, swine behavior and health, buildings and equipment, marketing and slaughtering, and pork and byproducts from hog slaughter. Also contains chapters on business aspects of swine production, and history and development of the swine industry. Includes a glossary and feed composition tables, plus b&w photos. -- Copyright © 1999 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR All rights reserved
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Nutrient Requirements of Swine

Reviewer: An Customer
This edition of the Nutrient Requirements of Swine is an excellent resource for swine producers or feed manufacturers with some knowledge of swine nutrition. The edition in question provides excellent tables on nutritional requirements for all classes of swine and also provides some of the best tables available that describe the nutritional composition and quality of common feedstuffs used in swine feeds. A word of advice, however; it would be well advised for a person interested in this title to have at least a background in the nutrition of pigs. If the reader does not, then the information contained within will read much like Gray's Anatomy.
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Surgery, Anesthesia and Experimental Techniques in Swine

A practical and technical guide for medical and veterinary researchers using swine as experimental animals, but also describes anesthetic protocols and other procedures helpful to veterinarians providing clinical care to pet pigs or in agricultural practice. The sections on surgery assume a fundamental knowledge of it, and others serve as primers on species-species differences in anatomy and physiology. The surgical techniques described are manual, because they are more applicable to most research labs and can be adapted as new technology becomes available. Many of the uses described are relatively new as swine are being substituted for other species such as dogs and primates. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR
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Advances in Swine in Biomedical Research

Contains papers from the October 1995 symposium, in sections on methods and techniques, and nutrition. Subjects include the Yucatan miniature pig model of ventricular septal defect, the minipig as a model for the study of aging in humans, an external thoracic duct venous shunt to allow for long-term collection of lymph and blood in the conscious pig, and prenatal and perinatal development of intestinal transport and brush border hydrolases in pigs. -- Copyright © 1999 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR All rights reserved
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Outline of Swine Diseases: A Handbook

Cowart and Casteel (veterinary medicine, University of Missouri) review the etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of 60 diseases common to pigs. The second edition adds sections on new and emerging diseases and diseases caused by toxic agents.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
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The Laboratory Swine

With their representation in research on the rise because of refinement in animal experimentation, swine, and miniature swine in particular, are viewed as an alternative non-rodent species to commonly used non-rodent species, such as dogs and primates.Written to provide a complete source of information on the species, this handy guide addresses the biology, husbandry, management, veterinary care and research application of the laboratory swine.The Laboratory Swine, a volume in the Laboratory Animal Pocket Reference Series, is divided into six parts:oPart I, Important Biological Features, examines everything from different breeds and behavior, to anatomical and physiological features, as well as digestive, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.oHusbandry, Part II, addresses housing, nutrition, sanitation, transportation, and more.oManagement and Quality Assurance looks at the impact of infections on animal research using swine; zoonotic diseases; legal regulations; genetic monitoring and more.oPart IV, Veterinary Care, covers a variety of topics, such as clinical examination of swine, diseases of swine, pain recognition in swine, and post-operative management.oRestraint, sampling techniques, basic surgical procedures, and other issues are addressed in Experimental Techniques.oAnd Resources, Part VI, provides extensive references, including as handbooks, journals and Internet sites, for further study.Ideal for animal caretakers, technicians, investigators, and laboratory animal veterinarians, The Laboratory Swine is a single source reference that contributes to the humane care and use of swine in research.
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Pigman's Handbook

Garry Brent's, The Pigman's Handbook, is an excellent resource on pigs, pig care, and pig breeding. This book is great for both the beginner and the expert on pigs.
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The Genetics of the Pig

The theory and applications of mammalian genetics have evolved rapidly over the last two decades to include immunogenetics and molecular genetics, creating fresh insights into biological processes. These developments, together with improved management practices, have revolutionized pig production. This book is a comprehensive reference on pig genetics and its integration with livestock management and production technology. It covers all relevant topics, from phylogeny, morphological traits, diseases and behavior to transgenics, performance traits, genetic conservation and genome mapping. It includes linkage maps and the latest list of identified loci. The chapters have been specially commissioned from experts in Europe, North America and Australia, and the volume will prove invaluable to advanced students and researchers in animal genetics and breeding, livestock producers, and veterinarians.
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Lessons in Pig Farming, A Swine Farmer's Guide For Surviving in Corporate America

A fun way to remind people of basic change management principles. Written in storytelling style, this short, easy to read book introduces a whole new set of business jargon. Readers will chuckle as they discover what to do with a "pig snout', why you never trust the "boar" and how to handle an "angry sow". Plus much more! Everyone will relate to and enjoy Lessons in Pig Farming.

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